Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What to expect when starting an Online Business

When starting an online business whether it's affiliate marketing or selling your own products or services, there's a few things that are to be expected. Most people start out excited about all the money they're going to make and get a big letdown resulting in failure because things didn't happen the way or as fast as they thought it would. That's because seasoned affiliate marketers lure them in to thinking that it will happen overnight if they just buy their videos and eBooks with a so called blueprint for mind blowing money making tactics that never fail. I believe that their eBooks and videos are very useful and will work if you have the time and can follow their instructions exactly. The keyword is "Time". Unless you have a lot of money to invest on advertising and promoting your products or services you will spend a great deal of time in front of the computer in the beginning. Here's what you can expect the first three months of starting an online business.

The first month you will want to spend most of your time learning as much as you can about online marketing. Familiarize yourself with the lingo and find out what tools are necessary to be successful. Secondly find out who the big players are in the business. Subscribe to their newsletter or mailing list to learn how they market their products. Take a look at some of their websites for ideas on how you might want yours to look.
After the first month of learning as much as you can it is time to put what you've learned into action. Don't get worried if you feel like you don't know enough to get your websites up and going. You can find several affiliate marketers who are willing to sell information explaining the necessary steps in detail. Some will tell you only one part of the process while others will guide you through from start to actually making money. I would recommend getting a complete guide.
Finally when you get the business going it's not time to sit back and take it easy. You will need to be very consistent with the amount of time and effort you put into internet marketing. " If you don't put any money in the bank, there's none for you to take out". I'm not saying spend every spare hour you have working, but at least a couple of hours a day. After working on it every day for additional month, depending on what you are selling you will start to see fruits of your labor in the form of payments to your PayPal account. It would be wise to reinvest your earnings in the beginning to grow your business even more.

Free Website Traffic Alternatives

If you've been involved in online marketing for a while you probably know how important good quality traffic is to the success of your website. There is several different ways to get your website noticed by people who are interested in what you have to offer. The best way is through Pay Per Click ads on a sites like Google or Yahoo. You can get good quality traffic almost instantly. However it can be very expensive. Chances are if you're just starting an Online Business you probably don't have the funds to spend on advertising. A great alternative is to use social networking sites, forums, and article submissions. Here are a few guidelines to follow.

Forums are a good way to get some targeted traffic in a hurry. They are free and easy to join and it's thousands of them on the internet. You'll want to find some that are relevant to your niche or your website's content. To find a forum in your niche just go to Google and type what your niche is about followed by the word "forum" without the quotes. Find one that is relevant to what your site is promoting so you can network with other forum members and pitch your products or services as well. Join as many forums as you can and this will create many streams of traffic.

Social Networking Sites
This method is probably one that most new marketers will be profoundly familiar with because just about everyone has a Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter account. However you may be wondering how these sites can bring you traffic. In order to utilize the power of social networking sites you must be active within the community. Tell them about your website. I would recommend creating a signature that you use every time you make a new post. If you don't know how to create a signature it's simply typing your name with a link to your website underneath. Doing that alone will bring a steady flow of traffic.

Writing Articles
Knowing your niche or products that you are promoting is detrimental for getting highly targeted traffic. This is important because you will need this information so you can provide good quality content on your website. Use your knowledge to write clear informative articles that are helpful to your readers. How knowledgeable you appear to be to your readers will determine whether or not they will visit your website. After you've written an article or two, you'll want to submit them to sites that allow you to submit your articles for free. When you join these sites they let you create a signature like I mentioned in the previous segment, or an Author Bio. This is where you place a link to your website. I would recommend writing and submitting at least one article a day and watch your visitor count increase daily.